An Automated Blood Pressure Monitor for Stress & Exercise Testing

Tango M2 was specifically designed to overcome the noise, motion, and physical difficulties associated with cardiac stress and exercise testing. This monitor was designed for use by a cardiology professional in a stress lab, whether performing a test using a treadmill, ergometer, or pharmacological stress testing. The Tango M2 reliably monitors your patient’s blood pressure allowing you to focus on your patient. SunTech’s proprietary DKA algorithm provides exceptional performance in this difficult environment. With the added benefit of the Oscillometric Mode you can now take a baseline BP prior to stressing your patient without the ECG hookup.

Tango M2 cuff options:

  • The patented Orbit-K™ cuff, which was designed specifically for stress testing.
  • An infection control cuff option for stress testing in our Single Patient Use Kits.

The hands-free interface makes Tango M2 an indispensable part of stress testing. Add the SpO2 measurement option to make your stress ECG system a complete and seamless cardiac test center. When reliable automatic blood pressure is required, SunTech Medical delivers.